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Here are a few handy tips that will prove helpful while you travel in Punjab.

:: Do pack a basic medical kit with your luggage. Also carry adequate quinine, the anti-malarial drug.

:: If you are travelling in summers (April-June), carry only cotton garments, shorts, light coloured clothing. A trip in winter season (October-February) necessitates woollen clothing as the temperature often touches sub-zero levels.

:: Instead of carrying too much cash you can do with traveller's cheques and get them converted at Money changers like Thomas Cook.

:: Make it a point to buy the maps of place you are exploring to make for easy navigation.

:: Budget travellers can minimize their expenses by eating as often as possible at the Langar (The Common Kitchen) in a Gurudwara.

:: When you visit a Gurudwara particularly, make sure you leave your footwear out and cover your head with a piece of cloth.

:: Before shooting pictures of a Gurudwara, a historical monument, museum or a palace, ensure beforehand if Photography is not prohibited. Otherwise it may lead to heavy penalties and even confiscation of the camera.

:: Specifically for foreigners, there is usually a foreigner's helpdesk at most big Gurudwaras. One can always go there to find out more information.

:: If you are not conversant in the local dialect and you are using public transport like cabs or auto rickshaws for internal commuting, make sure you ask a few people around before you get into one. Do find out the fare before you agree on a price with the driver to avoid being cheated.

:: In case of an emergency you can contact the nearest police station at 100, fire station at 101 and an ambulance at 102.

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