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If you are planning a trip to Punjab, among other things on your itinerary, you could pick up a bit of local dialect and feel at home. While you are travelling, you may want to ask for directions or know the fare for a cab or describe your preference to a shop-keeper. The idea is to list out a few basic sentences that will be help you communicate with the natives for specific needs.


English: General salutation/greeting
Punjabi: Sat Shri Akal

English: Welcome
Punjabi: Jee Aayan Noo

English: What is your name?
Punjabi: Tuhada naa ki hai?

English: My name is Rahul
Punjabi: Mera naa Rahul hai

English: Very beautiful
Punjabi: Bout Sohna

English: How are you?
Punjabi: Ki Haal hai?

English: Can you help me?
Punjabi: Tussi meri madad kar sakde ho?

Transport/Directions Context

English: How much is the fare?
Punjabi: Kinna kiraya?

English: I have to go to the hotel
Punjabi: Main hotel jaana hai

English: Where does this road go?
Punjabi: Eh sadak kithe jaandi hai?

English: How can I reach there?
Punjabi: main othe kiwen jaavan?/ Othe jaan da raah ki hai?

English: Is it walking distance?
Punjabi: Ki paidal jaa sakden haan?

English: Is there a cybercafe nearby?
Punjabi: eithe kidre nede cybercafe haiga e?

Shopping Context

English: Where is the market?
Punjabi: Market kithe aa?

English: How much for this? (or) How much does this cost?
Punjabi: Eh Kinne da?

English: Where can I make an STD call?
Punjabi: : Ethe STD call kithon kariye?

Food Context

English: What special dish can we get here to eat?
Punjabi: Ethe khan noo ki khaas hai?

English: This tastes good
Punjabi: Eda swad changa hai

English: Can I have some more lassi?
Punjabi: thodi hore lassi milegi?

English: I am hungry
Punjabi: Mainu bhukh laggi hai

English: What else can we get to eat?
Punjabi: Khaan noo hore ki milega?

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